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What is an aniline leather ?

Aniline leather is a leather with a transparent colored finish that shows the depth of the skin grain.

Aniline leather is highly valued for its authenticity, which patinates and improves with time. Like a fine wine, a piece made from aniline leather can be kept for decades.

The colors of aniline leathers are obtained with diluted dyes, very little covering.  This is why we always select the most beautiful skins to make it.

The aniline leather is therefore quite sensitive to the sun, to grease, to scratches that will leave marks.

Its durability and softness are however to be preferred for luxury projects. It is the most popular leather with the general public, also known as nappa leather.

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Photo reference : Cordoba
Color : Fall – E821 AM


Good news : a slitter machine at the Tannery

Good news !

The Tannery SOVOS is now equiped with a slitter machine. This will allow us to provide the service to slit the leather into a thiner thickness.

We are now very happy to be prepared to this kind of demand.

After 3 days days of learning with a specialist about the use of this vintage machine, we are now ready to practice with all our types of leather.

Feel welcome to ask for this service.