A new press next April

For a few weeks, the tannery has been under construction. The old electric press will be replaced by a new more recent press next month.

Careful handling work has been undertaken to first lift and remove the old machine, and then to prepare the site for the new press. After several lifting operations, the floor showed some defects. A new screed and the evacuation of several tons of rubble, will allow a flawless and solid installation.

A beautiful renewal which allows to perpetuate the know-how of the tannery.



Full grain leather ? Meaning and scheme

A full grain leather is composed of the upper part of a tanned hide: the grain. Its quality depends on the origin of the skin and its history. Our skins are mostly from France (Breton and Normandy). This is where the herds are the most beautiful and well maintained. Moreover, the leather of bull has the specificity to have a dense flesh what offers to the grain and the crust a very strong solidity.

The grain is located on the surface of the dermis of the animal’s skin. It is the part of the leather that will be able to patina with time and become softer.

As specialists in leather finishing, we can apply colored, pigmented or transparent mixtures to the grain.

We also work on the crust on the reverse side or alone in its slitting.

These are all steps that will define the identity of a leather and give it its properties.

Matt, shiny, oiled or waxed finish… The possibilities are endless to give uniqueness to your creative projects.


On cover page of World Leather Magazine !

World Leather & Leatherbiz are two British media outlets with an international reach and a focus on leather professionals.

We are delighted to have been asked by Stephen Tierney to broadcast the photo of the Longchamp chair made by Echevarria, a Vosges-based company we have been working with for a few years.

It is indeed our leather that was used to realize it. Our two companies are happy to be together again on the occasion of this publication.

To consult the magazine, it’s here and it’s free

A proof that digital communication bears fruit and allows us to share our know-how all over the world.