What is vegetable tanning leather ?

There are two types of tanning for leather:

Vegetable tanning and chrome tanning. Each type of tanning provides leathers with specific characteristics. At Sovos Tannery, our vegetable tanned leathers are generally firmer and intended for leather goods, belts or shoes. Our chrome tanned leathers are generally used for furniture.

Vegetable tanned leather has an ancestral manufacturing process

The word tanning has for etymology the word “tan” which means oak bark, a word of Gallic or Irish origin.

The raw hides are placed in drums which are filled with a tannin-based solution made from bark, plants and berries with tannic properties. These tannins will make the skins rot-proof thanks to their astringent power. The powdered mixtures are composed of oak, chestnut or acacia bark, and mimosa. The recipes vary according to the color and suppleness of the leather desired and its final use.

Nowadays the wrong term “vegetable” leather or “vegan” leather are often associated with new materials wishing to replace leather and built on plants such as pineapple bark, mushrooms …  Attention, it is a mistake to speak of leather in this case. Leather is a skin of animal origin and cannot be associated with vegetable materials.

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The Tannery rewarded with a Grand Prix de l’Artisanat at Stars & Métiers

Yesterday evening the Tannerie Sovos and its representative Jacques Desbrosses were awarded the Export Prize by the Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne in partnership with the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of the Grand Est Region.

The whole tannery is very proud of this prize which values our savoir-faire and our international influence!

This evening also allowed us to discover the 9 other companies rewarded by different prizes in 2021 and 2022: the Innovation, Responsible, Entrepreneur, Exporter and Coup de Coeur prizes.

Beautiful films were made and offered to present each of the companies. A very good idea to better understand the history and the functioning of all these beautiful activities.

We can’t wait to share with you our film which has already been unanimously approved by the team this morning.

Thank you to all the actors who organized and propelled this event to a level of excellence.



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