Aniline leather

SCOTT, a smooth and silky aniline finish

The finishing of our SCOTT leather gives it a smooth and silky feel. The transparency of its aniline finish reveals the leather’s grain and over time the leather develops a beautiful patina. SCOTT is a chromium-tanned leather.

Our SCOTT leather is made from the most beautiful bull skins from Brittany, Normandy and Bavaria. The grain of its thin and even skin is evidence of genuine leather.

Crafted in our workshop in the Vosges, located in Eastern France, the aniline finish and the wax glazing is carried out in compliance with environmental standards, in particular the REACH regulation and corporate ethics. The quality of the grain combined with its fine finish makes our SCOTT leather well-suited for exceptional projects such as luxury homes, sofas and projects for the aeronautical sector, etc…


Upholstery, Aeronautical and nautical sectors, Sofas, Headboards


Use clean water or a gentle soap such as Marseille soap. Do not use solvents or alcohol-based products.

Custom made

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Leather description

Animal : Bull (Bos Taurus)

Hide Origin : Normandy, Brittany, Bavaria

Production : French, Vosges

Average Size : 2.5/2.8 m² half-skin

Thickness : 13/15

Grain : Full grain

Texture : Smooth, silky

Tanning : Mineral; chromium

Dyeing : Dyed-through

Finish : Aniline

Colors : A selection of natural colors

Optional (additional cost) : FAR 25853; BS 5852 (0/1); water repellent; dust repellent

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