Tannage garanti qualité supérieure

21 rue des tanneries, 88161 LE THILLOT

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Jacques DESBROSSES nous fait découvrir son métier lors d'un interview
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We carry out studies or samples from 1 side(half-hide), of about 2.5 m2.


A library of 1300 colors already made, is a basis for our collections’ studies, or colours developments.





At each stage of the manufacturing we store a color swatch to ensure reproducibility.


A leather embossing is done by hot pressing of a plate engraved with a pattern.

A collection of sixty patterns is available, from classic to most fancy "crocodile" "lizard" "python" "stingray"

The embossed leather will then be finished in single-tone or two-tone.

Depending on the desired look and end use three types of finishes are possible:

• Aniline: natural leather surface look

• Semi-aniline: light pigmentation allows to reach conventional technical criteria for abrasion resistance

• Pigmented: all colors even brighter are achievable.

These finishes are then applied in matt, satin or gloss.



Our leather is manufactured in compliance with the REACH regulation. The end use requires some technical criteria to leather:

• Flammability: FAR 25.853 (i) (ii) (Aviation) (Aeronautics)

• Flammability: BS 5852 (cigarette / match) (Furniture)

• Flammability Marine : MSC 807 Part 8 - IMO SOLAS MED ( Bureau Véritas)

• Marine: repellent leather

• Watchstraps: resistance to abrasion, acid and alkaline sweat, flexometer, pull, drop